Terms of Service

By joining our website and logging in as a member, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.


“You” or “Member,” means an individual who has purchased a membership to the Website.

“Website” means RayRay.Live, AlittleBitCheeky.com or any subdomain under those second-level domains, and Cheeky LLC, the Website's corporate owner.

“Username” means the user name and password combination selected by or assigned to the Member for purposes of accessing the Website.

“Billing Provider” means the third-party company selected by the Website to process initial payments and recurring billing on its behalf.

“Content” means photos, videos, and textual content on the Website.

System Requirements

The Member shall access the Website using a modern web browser which implements HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3, at a minimum. Browsers not meeting these requirements may still be used to access site content but may not allow the full enjoyment of the Website.

Automatic Rebilling

Some membership plans include automatic rebilling on a fixed (e.g., monthly) schedule. By selecting such a membership plan, the Member approves the Website to process recurring payments via the Billing Provider until given notice to cancel the membership via the customer support link at the bottom of every Website page.

By allowing your account to rebill, you are affirming your continued acceptance of these terms.


Members may cancel a recurring membership at any time by visiting the customer support link at the bottom of the Website page. Users acknowledge such cancellation shall only affect future rebilling and does not entitle the Member to a refund of any remaining prepaid membership term.

The Website may, at its sole discretion, cancel a Member's Username and access to the site, subject to a pro-rated refund of any unused period of an initial or rebilled membership term.


Refunds will be issued for transactions shown to be made without the cardholder's permission, at the sole discretion of the merchant upon receiving supporting evidence from the cardholder that their card was lost or stolen and has been canceled as a result. Otherwise, refunds shall only be offered on a pro-rated basis if the Website ceases operations during the pre-paid period of membership (or a membership is cancelled at its discretion), including any successfully-charged rebilling intervals. “Ceases operations” means the Website is no longer available on the Internet and does not include a change in frequency of new or updated content.


Content shall be updated or posted to the site, including content available to members and nonmembers alike, at the Website's sole discretion. Members are not guaranteed a specific frequency of new content.

Content Provided for Member's Sole Personal Use

The Member agrees his or her use of content on the Website - including content members-only content as well as publicly-accessible content - is provided for their personal, non-commercial enjoyment only. The Member shall not post any content to any other Website, file-sharing service, Intranet, message board, newsgroup or other forum or media, either electronic or physical.

Members shall not share their unique Username and password with anyone else. The Website reserves the right to restrict access to the Website and Content to a single Internet Protocol address per active login. (That is, a Member may be logged in using only one device at any time.)

Adult Content

The Website is designed for adult (over age 18, or the legal age of majority in your jurisdiction) users only. The Member agrees to not make the Website or its Content available to any minor for any reason. The Member further affirms adult content, including lascivious depictions of the human body and depictions of sexually explicit behavior, are not offensive to the Member and that the Member voluntarily requests this Content.

Disputes and Limited Remedy

Any disputes arising from these terms shall be submitted for binding alternative dispute resolution by a member of the American Arbitration Association or similar group, and subject to the laws in effect in Denver, Colorado. Website's liability shall be limited to the amount of the initial membership fee paid, or, if the Member has completed a rebilling cycle, the most recent amount paid to the Website.

Amendments to these Terms and Conditions

These terms may be amended from time to time by the Website without prior notice to the Member.